2020 Santa Fe Haka Routes - TBD

Check back soon for updates....


2019 Santa Fe Haka Routes:

Short Course- 17 miles, 4,320 ft

Long Course- 31 miles, 8,100 ft

Note: The long course will be a serious undertaking. Don't let the mileage lull you into a false sense of security. This will be a big day for both groups. Anyone feeling up to the challenge is encouraged to participate.

Course Description

The long and short courses will start together climbing Pacheco Canyon Road to Discount Trail. The short course participants will continue up Pacheco Canyon Road, doing the second 1/2 of the long course (see description below). The long course participants will split off and ride Discount and descend Lost Wrangler to Winsor then climb Winsor. After about 2.7 miles climbing Winsor a sharp left will take you up Jawbone. After a short punchy climb you descend fast fun singletrack down Jawbone back to Discount which you will then backtrack on to Pacheco Canyon Road. There will be a water only unmanned aid station here. Riders can decide at this point if they have had enough and want to finish, or fill up on water and continue on the long course.

Riders will climb Pacheco Canyon Road to Mineral Trail. Climb Mineral and descend to Rio En Medio via Tourmaline Connection, cross Rio En Medio and climb up to the Borrego Trail descent to Rio Nambe. This is a long, ripping downhill that seems to go on forever. You will not regret it! At Rio Nambe turn left and follow Rio Nambe down to the confluence with Rio Capulin. Below the confluence you will cross Rio Nambe North to South and climb a double hump backcountry singletrack back to Rio En Medio, cross the trail and jump onto Double Discount which will lead you back to Pacheco Canyon Road and the start/finish ready for a tasty beverage.

Note: If you come from out of town and want to camp, you can drive up Pacheco Canyon road a couple of miles and camp on USFS land. There are pull outs along the road with unimproved camping spots.